Happy New Year from the Better Languages team!

Better Languages translation agency is here to help you communicate to an international audience, by translating documents, marketing materials and websites from English to over 60 major languages. 

All our translation is human authored, by professional, target language native translators. Whether you need translation to be legally compliant on product packaging, to be technically accurate on a technical datasheet, to communicate an effective marketing message in your sales brochure, or on an e-commerce website, we can help.

We are ISO9001 certified for translation services, a copy of our registration certificate is available in the about us section of the website.

For many businesses the new year is a time to think about targets and budgets, business aims and objectives. If you are expanding internationally, now is a great time to talk to us about your translation requirements.

Our translation services include the following:

  • Marketing translation: including digital marketing translation, brochures, leaflets, and product packaging
  • Website translation: we translate and localise websites for leading companies and international organisations, helping you to engage effectively with an international audience
  • Label and packaging translation: we translate a wide range of product packaging and labelling, including fashion retail, food labels and packaging, medical labels and leaflets. Helping you to comply with international labelling requirements
  • legal translation services: translating contracts, patent applications, court documents for companies and individuals in a wide range of languages, ensuring prompt, and accurate legal translation

So what trends do we expect in translation services in 2017?

Brexit (the process of Britain leaving the European Union) has produced a lot of uncertainty for businesses in the UK, however, we have had strong financial performance in 2016, including a very good final quarter of the year. Both our UK based and international clients are exporting all over the world, and needing translation services into a wide range of languages as a result. It is rare for us to be asked to translate into a major language we haven’t translated before, but in 2016 we have translated into Swahili and Nepalese for the first time.

Some commentators have predicted the demise of human authored professional translation for a long time, but in 2017, we don’t expect serious competition from machine translation. Despite claims to the contrary by the machine translation industry, professional translation is always more accurate, conveys better meaning, and gives a much better result. 2016 saw Google translate famously offering the translation from Ukrainian to Russian of the word “Russia” as “Mordor” – the mythical evil kingdom of The Lord of the Rings – print that on your international packaging and you will have a major problem.

We can help you trade effectively in world markets – with top quality professional translation

If there is ever a time to pick up the phone to discuss your translation requirements, now is the time, so call us on +44 (0)115 9788980, or use the quick contact form below.

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