Like most decently ranking websites, we get lots of enquiries from potential suppliers. A well targeted approach can certainly achieve results, but some approaches are just downright annoying. An “SEO” company (and I use the term lightly) has been bombarding our contact forms with spammy offers of service. So far we have had 8 enquiries via different versions of our site in under 24 hours. So what is so annoying about their approach?

1) They clearly don’t believe in their service, because they are hiding behind anonymous e-mail addresses, and never mention their company name.

2) Their feedback is badly written, and I would think it machine generated if it wasn’t for the fact that they are filling in our capcha form each time.

So you are a potential supplier, and you want to know how to approach us, what should you do?

1) Please read our website, and understand our business first!

2) If you are a translator, please read our translators page before applying, ensure you meet our criteria, and include all the information we ask for. Please note that we get a high level of applications, and are not always able to reply individually.

3) Please note that we do not normally contract other translation agencies, we are extremely selective of translators, and only the best are accepted. A condition of working with freelancers is that they are not permitted to sub-contract without our express permission.

4) SEO and search marketing: we have an excellent approved supplier, and do not wish to receive offers from SEO companies, so please place your effort elsewhere.

5) Other suppliers: please give clear and concise company information, and only contact us if there is a good match with our business, this will economise our use of time and yours. If you want to send a brochure, or other information, please use the e-mail address from our contact page. You will have to prove you are a human by substituting (at) with @ in the address.