Retail translation can have many aspects including translating legal contracts, HR policy and procedure translation, and translating retail packaging and other point of sale information. We work with many leading UK retail brands, helping them to work in international markets. Clients include M&S, Debenhams, Mothercare and Iceland Foods. Retail translation can often be characterised by tight deadlines, and high volumes of short individual documents. The biggest thing all retailers seem to have in common is the sheer diversity of translation needs! Much of our work is multi-lingual but there is often little resemblance between retailers in market selection, and therefore required languages. We have several clients for whom we translate into 15 languages, but interestingly, each is a completely differant 15 languages.

We have definitely seen a trend towards the so called “emerging markets” in recent years, but we also translate for all the standard European markets you would expect. Our most translated language last year was French, and we also did high volume projects into Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Italian. Despite the uncertainty in many countries during the Arab spring, Arabic also continues to be an important language for us.

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