Did you know that we provide Arabic Translation Services? We have recently launched an Arabic version of our website, hosted in UAE, the site is exclusively written in Arabic. Arabic is one of our most translated languages. Top specialisms for Arabic translation include fashion retail and food packaging. As with all areas of our work, our translators are professionally qualified in translation, native of the target language, and of relevant specialism. For Arabic to English translation therefore the translator would be an English native, and for English to Arabic an Arabic native. We also offer specialist typesetting and DTP services in the Arabic language in any major design programme. DTP is particularly tricky with Arabic, as all standard design programme corrupt Arabic script, this is also true of other right to left languages such as Farsi.

The language we translate into is a Modern Standard Arabic, which can be used across Arabic speaking counties. In spoken form there are important dialect and accent differences, but in written form Modern Standard Arabic is used across the Arabic world, and is the medium of business communication.

We have aimed to be culturally sensitve in developing the Arabic version of our website, having looked carefully at issues like choice of colours on the site, and use of images.

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