Translation Services Company continues to grow, and has recently won its largest ever export order, appointed an additional project manager, and had a record month of sales. “Although we work extensively with UK exporters” says Mike Hunter, CEO, “we also supply multilingual translation services to companies in many other countries. Our top export market is the US, with Russia currently in second place, and China third, closely followed by some of the top EU countries you might expect such as France, Germany and Holland.”

You may expect that clients from none English speaking countries would require translation into English, but this is not necessarily the case. “With multi-lingual translation, English is often the source language”, says Mike, “for example we have a client in Holland for whom we translate food labelling from English into 5 other European languages.” The great thing about the web, is that clients can access translation services from anywhere in the world, providing they can send and receive files over the internet, often by email, but increasingly by cloud services like DropBox, or over the betterlanguages extranet.

Sales turnover is predicted to grow for 2014-15 by a staggering 35%, and there are already signs that this prediction may be pessimistic, with a surging order book.