Nottingham has an existing tram system, line 1 has been running sucessfully for a number of years, but lines 2 and 3 are currently under construction. There has been a mixed reaction to the development of lines 2 and 3, and it has a major impact on our business, as we are to get a double track tram route straight down Lenton Lane immediately outside our offices. There has been extensive traffic disruption including road closures and partial closures since 2012. The tram company is predicting that revenue services will start on the new lines in December. Currently Lenton Lane is closed to traffic just after our offices as double track is laid, and the section of road which is open is traffic controlled, as half the road is also closed for track laying. There has been major disruption to traffic because of tram works, particularly in and around Beeston to the west of our offices. So what is our view of the current tram hell?

We are delighted to see a major capital investment in the public transport infrastructure of our city. In one direction the tram will give us access to the NG2 business park, Nottingham station, and the city centre; and in the other direction we will have access to the Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham University, Beeston and Chilwell. We anticipate staff using the tram to get to work, and our offices will be much more accessible from the city centre. And our view of the current disruption? There’s no gain without pain. We expected lots of disruption to road routes around the office, and overall it hasn’t been too bad. We are however really looking forward to the work finishing!

Mike Hunter, Ltd. CEO commented: “we knew when we bought our premises in March 2013 that we faced 18 months of tram disruption. Overall the contractors have done an excellent job so far of minimising disruption, and maintaining access for traffic and for pedestrians. We are very much looking forward to the works finishing, and the first trams running, hopefully before the end of the year. I will certainly be using the line to access the city centre, and look forward to a positive impact of the tram system on our business and neighbouring businesses on Lenton Lane.”