Software Localisation

At Betterlanguages, we offer high-quality software localisation services for internationally-minded developers.

Software localisation is the adaptation of software to suit the language, cultural, and technical requirements of an international target market.

Software localisation, differs from translation and localisation services and is a time-consuming task, as it involves working closely with programmers throughout the software development process. This removes the need to start from scratch for every international market, and allows for the simultaneous release of multiple language versions of the software.

If instigated early enough in the development process, software localisation can save companies a significant amount of time, energy and effort. If localization is considered at the design stage, this can avoid difficulties later on. For example English is typically shorter than most languages, so allowing extra space when designing page layout, can allow for use with foreign language content later.

What Does Software Localisation Involve?

The software localisation process typically begins with a close analysis of the material received. Software localisation is often implemented when the software is still in its beta stage, so our first step is usually to take into account not only the work that has been carried out so far, but also the tools and resources we’ll need for successful localisation.

Next comes a cultural, technical and linguistic assessment, in which we determine just what aspects of the software will require localising for international markets. From this we will compile a terminology glossary, to which we will continuously refer throughout the software localisation process.

After this we start to translate aspects of the software into the target language. We advise on adaptations that might be made to the user interface, including any resizing of fonts and forms as might be required. Our cultural assessments also allow us to advise on certain graphical features, such as any visible text and symbols that might cause problems for the target market.

As a translation agency, our translators work with several specialist translation tools which enable them to work on software localization projects. Our localization projects are always human authored, but the use of Trados Studio allows us to work directly with static HTML or XML if required, we also use Passalo to localise software strings, without disturbing the code.

Like all of our translation processes, our software localisation service ends with a thorough set of quality assurance checks. When it comes to software localisation, not only do we ensure the quality and legibility of the translation, but also the functionality of the software itself.

Looking For Software Localisation Services?

As an ISO: 9001 accredited translation agency, our commitment to accuracy is total. You can depend on us to deliver a high-quality, reliable and efficient software localisation service, saving you time and money, and preparing you for the international markets. To discuss our software localisation services, give us a call on 0115 978 8980 or contact us.