As a translation company, we are often asked for scientific translation services between English and other major languages. Scientific translations require a high level of technical accuracy in correct translation of scientific technical terminology, and key to this is selection of the correct technical scientific translators for the individual assignment. We always select translators for an individual scientific translation project based on their technical expertese in the required field, native proficiency in the target language, and professional translation qualification.

Scientific translations can include a wide range of documents and online information, some examples are given below:

Clinical Trials translations, including help files, manuals and protocols, as well as translating and recording prompts for telephone based or online clinical trials systems.

Medical Research Translations, including translating technical and academic papers, and clinical research documents.

Healthcare translations may include medical reports, case notes and other sensitive patient information, which we always treat with the utmost confientiality. We have also translated medical reports for use in criminal and civic legal proceedings.

Instructions for Use (IFU) and packaging inserts and labels for medicines and pharmaceutical products.

Medical and surgical device technical data sheets, marketing information, packaging,user guides and leaflets.

The above are some brief examples of a wide ranging technical area of translation. Looking for something else? Call us on +44 115 9788980 to discuss your requirements.