As you might expect, we do a high volume of translation between English and French. We supply French translations localised for specific markets, French for France, Belgian French, Swiss French, or Canadian French. French is also a commonly used business language in many parts of Africa, and often used in official documents. Although all French variants have similarities, it is important to get the correct locale. For example, we are often asked to provide a standard French for both France and Canada, this is a bit like asking for a standard English for both the UK and the US. There are many similarities, but there are key phrases and terminology which will be different between different variants of the French language. We  always use professional French native translators for French translation, but specifically for Canada, they are always Canadian French native translators, and normally based in-country in Canada to ensure the most up to date use of terminology.

We do a lot of product packaging translations into French, as well as translating financial documents such as annual reports, and translating websites into French. Use our contact form to receive a French translation quote.