Spanish Translation Services

Fast, professional Spanish translation

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Spanish Translation Services

Fast, professional Spanish translation

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Spanish Translation Services

Spanish Translation Services you can trust, localised for Spain or Latin America.

Do you need professional Spanish translation services? We will quickly and accurately translate any size or subject of document from English into Spanish, or from Spanish into English. You can be confident of our translation quality, as the business is ISO9001: UKAS certified, and is trusted by top international brands, and local SMEs. 

Spanish Translators:

As you would expect, our translators are always use full time professional translators, who are native speakers of the target language. This means that for translation Spanish to English, your translation would be undertaken by an English native translator, and from English to Spanish your translator would be a Spanish native.

Translators are also selected for a given assignment based on specialism, as well as language pair. This ensures use of the most correct terminology. If you work with us regularly, we will use the same translators for your Spanish translation projects as much as possible, to ensure a consistent style and tone of translation. We also make use of glossaries and style guides to ensure consistent terminology.

Some Spanish facts and figures:

Spanish is the first language of 21 countries, and is estimated to be the first language of 470 million people, making it the second largest native language after Chinese (source Wikipedia). Each country has its own variant of the Spanish language, and it is important to consider the intended target market when ordering Spanish translation.

Localising Spanish Translation:

We can localise Spanish for any specific country, including Spanish for the US market. For the US we are often asked for “Latin American” Spanish. It should be remembered that there are slight differences country to country, and the translators will select the most generically appropriate terminology. As with any widely spoken language, Spanish has many accent and dialect differences.

Style and tone of translation

At Better Languages we believe that no one speaks a language better than a local. That is why all of our translators are native speakers, who can ensure understanding, accuracy and authentic tone. We individually select our professional Spanish translators for each translation assignment – not only based on their language skills but also on their expertise in your topic or niche. If you have specific style and tone requirements, or have existing translations against which you would like us to match, talk to us about your requirements.

Spanish Translation Services we provide:

We offer a wide variety of translation services provided by highly experienced and skilled Spanish translators specialising in the specific area that your company deals with. The below are some of our major specialisms for Spanish translations, please enquire if you need another specialism:

Spanish Label and Packaging Translation.
Spanish Retail Translation.
Spanish Website Translation and Localisation.
Spanish Marketing Translation Services.
Spanish legal translation.
Spanish E-commerce translation.
Spanish Interpreting services.
Spanish technical translation.

Passionate About the Spanish Language

We not only provide professional and reliable Spanish translation services, we’re passionate about language. That is why Better Languages works with you to understand the audience of your translation so we can correctly localise your text. Spanish has many similarities between variants, but there are also important differences. We always use translators who are native of the required target language, but when translating both Spanish for Spain and Latin American Spanish, our translators will often compare work between the two variants to ensure a consistent approach in terms of style and tone, and consistent terminology. In some areas of technical translation there will be little difference in terminology between versions of Spanish, for example in food ingredients, but in other areas of translation, such as marketing there are important differences. Spain also has other languages than Castellano (the language we know as Spanish), Catalan, Gallego and Basque are each separate languages in their own right. Catalan and Gallego have many common words with Spanish, but also many different, and Basque has no similarity to Spanish or any other Latin based language. Some scholars believe that Basque may have been the original language of Spain prior to the Roman occupation.

Proofing Your Spanish Translation

Better Languages offers a finished artwork sign-off service in which our professional Spanish translators can check and sign-off any artwork containing translation before it is sent off to print. There is an additional charge for this service but we really believe there is no substitute for a translator checking the final version of your artwork. An extra letter inputted or removed accidentally  during the production of your artwork could really spoil the end result and potentially change the entire meaning of a word or sentence.

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Accents and special characters:

Spanish has two additional letters in the alphabet compared with English, “ll” is considered as a letter, and sounds like “y” in English, there is also “ñ”. The squiggle above the n may not seem very important to an English native, but it is a separate letter, with a different sound. Confusing “n” and “ñ” could have serious consequences, consider for example these two words:

“años” and “anos”

The first word means years, or age, for example on a clothing label 3-5 años, would mean for a child between 3 and 5 years old, but 3-5 anos, would mean 3 to 5 anuses, you don’t want that printed on 5000 garment labels!

The way to avoid these types of problems, is to always use professional Spanish translation services. We provide complimentary pdf copies of translations supplied in a word format, this allows clients to visually check correct display of accents and special characters. We also recommend that we check and sign-off artwork if you prepare it, we do this at a small additional charge on receipt of a low res pdf of the finished artwork. There is no substitute for translators checking the work.

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