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House of Crafts Translation Case Study

betterlanguages.com has been translating craft kit instructions for Leicestershire Company The House of Crafts since 2006. The company manufactures a range of craft kits, and we have translated instructions for these for various European markets.

Sculpture Craft Kit TranslationCandle Making kit Translation

Like most areas of translation work there is a range of specialist vocabulary involved, it was important for the translators to understand the products, and in a number of cases raise technical questions. Product illustrations and instruction diagrams are useful for translators when working, and translators are also a useful “sense check” for the instruction sheets. If the instructions had been in any way unclear to our technical translators, it is likely that they would have been unclear to an end customer. Fortunately our client writes very good and clear instructions, and provides excellent diagrams, which the translators can refer to when working. For all work for The House of Crafts, we have used translators who are in-country in order to get the most up to date and accurate terminology.