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better languages can help with all the following translation services:

We can provide you with a fast, and friendly translation service directly by phone or by email. Trusted by leading international brands, small businesses and private individuals, better languages can help you with high quality translation, delivered on budget, and on time.

As you would expect of a professional translation company, we only work with highly qualified and experienced translators and proofreaders who are native of the target language, and familiar with the required translation specialism for an individual assignment. Translations are independently checked before delivery and you will always deal with an individual and job-specific Translation Project Manager.

So who are our clients? Leading UK exporters including Mothercare International, Debenhams and Paul Smith, academic institutions including Nottingham Trent University and Loughborough College. The business also works with private individuals needing official documents translated for official purposes in the UK and overseas, including translating diplomas and certificates, legal translation such as contracts, marriage certificates, wills and patents.

What range of languages do we work with? We work with an ever growing range of languages, the most on a single translation project is currently 40 languages, and we translate into over 60 languages on a regular basis. Most translated language is French, but we also do high volumes of Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, and Arabic, as well as other standard European language translations such as Spanish, Dutch, German and Polish, and Scandinavian languages such as Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Icelandic.

OK, so we’re based in Nottingham, why are we offering Bedford translations? We can send and receive documents by email, post, FTP or courier, deal with your enquiry promptly by phone, and provide great customer service. So whether you are in Bedford, Bedfordshire, or Bedford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, we can help translating your documents, website or marketing materials. We can provide an initial consultation by phone, without obligation, but to give a quote, we will need your full contact details, and copies of the documents. We can quote on live web pages, but website quotes are normally in the form of estimates, as websites are frequently changed and updated, meaning that your exact requirements may change.

The business is ISO9001: UKAS certified, and provides fast and accurate technical translations into all major world languages.

Looking for translation services in Bedford? Give betterlanguages a call, or use our quick contact form below.