Better Languages have been sole translation providers to Mothercare since 2006, translating own brand products including clothing labels, packaging, and product leaflets and user guides. We also provide typesetting services including supplying Arabic and Farsi outlined EPS files in the Middle Eastern versions of InDesign and Illustrator.

Mothercare are a multi-national multi-channel retailer, and are currently in over 60 countries. We translate into 15 languages, including Greek, Arabic, and Simplified Chinese. As sole providers we work directly with Mothercare staff, and also with outside suppliers.

Our work is characterised by:

  • Working closely with the in-house team to ensure consistency and accuracy.
  • The majority of our translators are in-country, which ensures up to date terminology.
  • “Can do” approach: helping problem solve, including giving advice on cultural issues and localisation.
  • Fast turnaround, an example of which was one of our US based translators working through the 4th July holiday, when a large quantity of translation was needed for a store opening in China