WeBetter Languages provides Certificate Translations between English and most major languages. Most UK bodies accept our translations, but please check their requirements. If you are submitting documents overseas, please check any specific local requirements for certificate translations.

Professional Certificate Translations

Our native professional translators prepare all our translations. They are also QA checked by a second linguist. We certify our translations on headed paper, stamped and signed. UK bodies normally accept our certification, but some may require documents to be notarised.  Please check, as specific requirements can vary.

Notary service

Most certificate translations do not have to be sworn in front of notary. Notarising translations adds significantly to the cost. The translator’s time, that of the notary, and the administrative charges of the notary process, all add to the cost. The translator has to attend in person, read both original and translation out loud, and swear to the faithfulness of the translation. We only offer a notary service in a limited range of languages.

Certificate legibility

We translate certificates in most major languages, providing the document is legible.

If the original document is unclear because part of the text is illegible, or missing, we cannot guess at the intended meaning. We will mark any missing or unclear text within the translation. In bad cases of poor legibility, we may refuse to translate the document. It is important to note that we reflect the original document when translating. This means that we will not correct typos or other errors, even if the intention is clear. (“Micheal” recorded instead of the English name “Michael” for example).

Quotes for Certificate Translations

When preparing a quote, we need a good quality copy of the certificate. Do not send us original documents by post. Scanned copies are normally sufficient, although we may need originals if the certificate is to be notarised. We do not give prices over the phone. Even supposedly standard documents such as a UK birth certificate vary.  We need to assess any special requirements such as formatting, ease of legibility etc.

You can send us your scanned certificate by email from our contact page. Please include your full contact details including name, (and business name if representing a company), postal address, email address and a contact phone number. Without this information we cannot prepare a quote.