Label Translation

Fast turn around label and packaging translation

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Label Translation

Fast turn around label and packaging translation

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Label Translation

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Label translation services and packaging translation services you can trust.

Introduction: is trusted by top retailers and manufacturers to provide label translation services into over 60 languages. Label translation clients include retailers Mothercare International, Early Learning Centre, Debenhams, Paul Smith, Burberry, Mulberry, Barbour and many other international brands. Food label translation clients include Costa, Kettle Foods, Thorntons and Iceland Foods. The business has an ISO9001: UKAS Certified Quality Management System, and has a reputation for over 30 years providing fast and accurate label translations.

Do you need care label translation? We translate fibre content, wash care instructions, COOs and warnings for clothing/fashion retail, supplying many top brands with multilingual care label translation services.  Perhaps you need a hazard warning notice translated? We also supply high quality food label translation for retailers and food manufacturers, including international compliance advice.

We also translate medical labelling including drug label translation. Other specialisms include translating retail packaging and inserts, and product user guides and online help files.

We care for our customers, providing high quality ISO9001 certified label translations and a personalised, professional label and packaging translation service into a wide range of world languages.

Translation and localisation:

Label translation and packaging translation can have significant impact on your business, if you successfully translate and localise your labels and packaging, you will improve your appeal to customers, and there are also legal compliance issues with most kinds of labelling. offers a fast and accurate label translation service between English and all major world languages.

label translation - Clothing

Clothing label translation

Client comments and testimonials:

“We urgently needed 1001 translations for the 9 languages when we launched around July / August last year. And I must say, swift accurate service was much appreciated from yourselves, especially with the complexity of the project, it was just what we needed. So thank you.”

Hayley Solomon, Account Manager, Avery Dennison

Clients include Mothercare, Debenhams, Burberry, Paul Smith, Thorntons, and Kettle Foods.

Quality assurance of label translation services:

Quality labelling translations for all your business translation needs: Our translators are carefully selected not only for their language expertise, but also for their specialist knowledge and experience. We work with you to ensure that we use consistent terminology. We have an ISO9001 UKAS certified quality management system. All work is rigourously quality checked, including reference to relevant technical reference material. We can also ensure consistency with glossaries approved by the client, if you have existing approved terminology, and want us to be consistent with this. We only use professional native label translators.

drink label translation

Drink label translation

Tailored, personal label translation service:

We understand the unique needs of the label and packaging industry and will work closely with you to provide a tailored and personal label translation service. You will be assigned a named member of staff, who will be available by direct phone or e-mail.

Checking and proofreading:

All work is checked before sending out. We can price for proof-reading by a second translator if required. We always use natives in the target language to ensure sharpness and accuracy of expression. We strongly recommend our artwork check and sign-off service to ensure translations are correctly applied to artwork.


We understand the time pressures around label translation and the printing deadlines involved. We will turn work around very quickly, usually within 24 hours for short texts. We won’t promise what we can’t deliver. Please work with us on deadlines, for larger jobs, we may be able to deliver in stages, and also to coordinate workflow between translation and other stages of your business processes, the better we understand your business, the better we can meet your label translation needs.

Job size, large or small – single or multiple language:

No job is too big or too small: We’ve built our reputation on the ability to deliver and are confident that our label translations won’t be beaten on speed, or quality.