“Transcreation” is one of those buzz words of the translation industry which can easily leave people confused.

The idea is really relatively straightforward. The concept is that literal translation is often inappropriate to marketing and branding text. The translator (or transcreator) is therefore effectively an original writer. They create new text in the target language. They convey marketing concepts and ideas in the target language, rather than simply translating words. All marketing translation can be argued to be transcreation. The translator’s task is to create meaningful and engaging marketing copy in the target language.

All source text, is not created equal however, key messages such as strap-lines, logos, and advertisements, may require special attention, as can product titles. Translation is generally charged on a per word basis, however do you want a 5 word strap-line, which has taken hours of work by your creative team to devise a concept and key message, to be translated in a matter of minutes? The art of the transcreator, is that they need to take time to produce the correct message in the target language, this is very far from a literal word by word translation. We need a clear brief from you in order to match your required style and brand guidelines as closely as possible. If you require key phrases or messages transcreated, we can supply alternative transcreated text, with back translations, to allow you to choose your preferred message in the target language.

Our transcreation services

  • We work with your in-house marketing team or branding agency in order to understand your target audience
  • Transcreation services into a wide range of languages
  • Trusted by top global brands – who especially value our transcreation skills
  • Transcreation of product packaging, marketing and brand collateral
  • Transcreation of website copy to reach your intended audience
  • An ISO: 9001 certified translation company, which has been trading for over 30 years

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  • Translation case study

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