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placement at Betterlanguages.com September 2013 – February 2014

If you wish to become acquainted with every aspect of the work of a project manager, I recommend a placement at Betterlanguages.com. First of all, every employee is very kind and they are always willing to help you, especially in the beginning when it is all new for you. As this is a small business, you will really get to know your colleagues, which is great. Since everyone is working in the same space, you will know what is going on in the office and whenever you have a linguistic problem, everyone will think along with you.

Secondly, you will get to know the ins and outs of a translation agency, not just the translation aspect, but also everything that enters into running a business.

The tasks you will be doing vary from proofreading translations, updating translation memories to communicating with translators and assisting the project managers in every way possible. You are working with language on a daily basis and you will find that your English will improve rapidly.

As the weeks pass, you will be given more and more responsibility. In the second half of my placement, I was allowed to find new translators, do small translations into Dutch (my native language) and prepare quotes for new clients.

I recommend this placement to anyone who does not know whether to become a translator or a project manager in particular. This placement will give you a better insight in both disciplines.

I truly feel that Betterlanguages has given me a headstart for my further career.


Maria Teresa

placement at Betterlanguages.com November 2013 – March 2014

My five-month internship has been a great opportunity to see how a translation company works. I had the possibility to learn a lot about translating, proofreading and project managing, through a direct experience in a professional environment.

I worked full time, for eight hours a day, from Monday to Friday. It turned out to be exactly the right amount of time for becoming active member of the team and perceiving the daily needs of the company.

I could see my limits and I always tried to overcome them; I was often encouraged to do my best and improve my skills, from IT to linguistic and social skills. I started from checking and proofreading translations from English into Italian, Spanish and French. Then I had the chance to translate labels from English into Italian. They taught me how to use Trados for translating projects and updating TMs, and to create glossaries with Multiterm. Finally, I managed two projects, and it was a great goal for me to be able to allocate projects to the right translator, organize the proofreading and meet the deadlines.

The working atmosphere was very nice and familiar; we were all cooperating for the best general result. The office environment was multicultural, and this made me develop a great ability to deal with any kind of culture-bound differences and to get the best of it.

I consider this experience the essential starting point for a good career as a translator.