Website Translation Services

Accurate website translation - in over 60 languages

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Website Translation Services

Accurate website translation - in over 60 languages

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Website Translation

Does Your Website Speak Your Customer’s Language? specialises in high quality website translation services, enabling you to communicate a clear message in any major world language. Our aim is to produce high quality web copy which reads well and engages customers.

Do you need us to handle a particular file format or to work directly with your web designer? Web page translations can be prepared in a word or pdf format for you to add to your site, or we can translate live web pages, working directly from the source code, and provide the translation in html or XML in most languages.

Recent examples of sites we have translated include a financial services website from English to Spanish, a large intranet site into 11 languages, and a site for a toy supplier into 5 languages including both Simplified and Traditional Chinese. We have also translated technical magazine articles for web distribution, and translated Excel spreadsheets for upload to overseas versions of the Amazon platform. Our own site is currently available in 8 languages, we have recently added an Arabic translation with more to be added soon.

Email us now for a free website translation consultation, or call us on 0115 9788980 (within the UK) or 00 44 115 9788980 (international).

Effective Website Translation Copy and Navigation

Good quality website translation is not just about translating the words on each web page. It is important to translate page titles, descriptions, image names and any ALT text on your site as well.

It is also important to think through how a customer will be able to use your services and navigate the site.

Do you want to generate telephone enquiries in another language, or do you want people to place standardised orders by e-mail?

Can you capture any essential data correctly? There’s nothing more annoying than filling in a web form which rejects your information because it requires a style of address or phone number which doesn’t match the required layout. Remember that right to left languages like Arabic, and Farsi require right to left navigation so will be a mirror image of an English version.

We can help you with all of these usability issues and more. Just give us a call on 0115 9788980, or use the quick contact form to discuss your requirements.

Translation Quality and Quantity

Remember that a web page translation is rarely better than the original text (though we can do miracles!). If your message is unclear in English, it won’t be better in the target language, so make sure you’re happy with the English content first. We always use professional translators, who are natives of the target language, and of relevant specialism. For example, when we translated the Roodsafe website into German, the client wanted the technical content translated, and also to have terms and conditions of sale in German. This required different specialisms, so the legal translation and proof reading were undertaken by specialist legal translators, and the construction content was translated and proofed by construction engineering specialist translators. When translating into Italian, the client didn’t need the terms and conditions translated. This represented a significant cost saving, without detracting from the quality of translation.

Domains and Hosting

Give attention to domains and hosting, will you have the translated pages hosted on your existing domain, or do you need separate in-country domains and hosting for the different language versions? This largely depends on your purpose in translation.

If you look closely at our own site, you will find that the English version together with the Welsh translation and Romanian translation are hosted on, whilst the Spanish translation is, the German translation is, and the French translation and Flemish translation are All have country appropriate hosting. So what has the look and functionality of a single site, is actually four websites, with separate domains and hosting.

Ways of Using Translated Information

An alternative approach to translating a full website, or web page, may be to provide downloadable information in the required language. For example, when preparing information for the Battle of Bosworth Visitor’s Centre, we provided PDFs with information about the battle in 20 languages.

The journey to Bosworth

The journey to Bosworth Hindi

A similar approach could be taken with company information, product datasheets or brochures.

Content Management

Think about how you want to manage your multi-lingual website content. If you intend updating the English version regularly, you will need to update the translations. We can turn round small amendments very quickly, ensuring you keep your message up to date.

E-Commerce Translation

E-Commerce is a specialist area of website translation because e-commerce sites have some specific requirements. We have a dedicated translation services page giving more advice and information about e-commerce translation services.

Free Website Translation Consultation

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