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We solve complex problems

  • Translation case study

    New Look Retailers

    Better Languages worked with New Look in the mid noughties, helping them enter new European markets by translating a wide range of retail texts.

  • Translation case study


    Global retailer translation case study - Mothercare

Learn how to get better translations crafted by real people

We carefully craft every word of every sentence.

Our Approach

Global brands trust our translations. We work into over 60 languages. You can be confident that we will supply highly accurate translations. We serve clients in the UK, as well as around the world. The translation company started trading in 1982. Our offices are in Nottingham, the famed home of Robin Hood.

Our team works with global brands including:

  • Mothercare: a major global retailer, who trade in 60 countries. We translate their own brand packaging, and have been their sole translation suppliers since 2010. Read our case study and find out about our translation work for Mothercare.
  • Debenhams: We have worked with them for over 6 years translating labelling. They trade in 24 countries.
  • Next: are a leading fashion retailer and trade in 40 overseas territories.
  • Paul Smith trade in 66 countries. Their offices are next to ours on Lenton Lane.

Translation quality

Our translation is highly accurate. We work with the best translators, and apply rigorous QA. Our team deals with complex technical, as well as multilingual translation projects.

We are ISO: 9001 certified for translation services. A key aspect of our quality is human authorship. We use translation technology to help with formatting, layout and consistency. However, our translators do the work, rather than a computer program. Our people use a high level of skill. They are normally post graduate qualified in translation. They also have a first degree either in languages, or a technical specialism. All good translators specialise in a few technical areas.

Different types of translation also require different approaches. A marketing text needs the sharpness and flair of the original concept expressed within the target language. However, a legal text, is all about extracting the meaning of the original language. Each require different approaches and translation strategies.

Professional Translation Company

As you would expect of a professional translation company, our translators are always professionally qualified. They are native of the target language, and of relevant specialism. A second linguist independently QA checks our projects for consistency as well as accuracy. We also do terminology checks and checks against previous assignments. Our project managers co-ordinate the work. They are account managers, and serve you as our main point of contact.

Better Languages can help you to succeed in international markets.

We offer a flexible range of services. Some of our recent projects:

  • Technical data sheets into German for a local manufacturer
  • A marketing text into 24 languages for one of our regular clients
  • A complex multilingual website for a major retailer

We provide accurate professional translation, hence protecting your reputation, by helping present a clear brand message in the target language(s).

Trading in global markets

We can help you adapt to world markets. Our team work regularly with exporters both large and small. We ensure we understand your translation requirements. We support your export journey. Right from the first steps, to the complex multilingual needs of a major brand.