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Top brands trust our label translation. Ensure your labels are compliant and accurate for any major world market.


Communicate a clear, consistent and effective message on your website, blog, or ecommerce store,  in any major language.

Make certain your FMCG, medical, pharma, food labelling, and fast fashion translations meet your customers’ needs.

Ensure your marketing collateral reflects your brand values, and tone of voice. Give a clear and consistent message, in any language.

Why trust our Translation Company?

Better Languages is a UK translation agency. The company is based at East Midlands Airport, which is near Nottingham and Derby. We offer translation services between English and all major world languages. As a translation company, we specialise in high quality, customer-focused translation. We work with many technical areas. These include the following:

Website translation and localisation

This includes e-commerce translation. Our translations are used both on e-commerce websites, as well as on platforms such as Amazon, eBay and Alibaba. We also work with on-line press releases, in addition to social media and blog content.

Label and packaging translation 

This has been a major area of our work since the early 1980s. Better Languages translates for many leading High Street brands. Label specialisms include food label translation and care label translation. Our label clients include Next, Barbour, and Iceland Foods as well as Kettle Foods and Thorntons. All our label clients benefit from our fast and accurate multi language translation service.


Technical translation:

Legal translation, including translating contract documents, as well as certificates, legal correspondence, and also patent documentation.

Technical translation is offered in all technical areas. This includes engineering translationmedical translation, and construction industry translation amongst many others.

Business translation includes translating a wide range of business documents in addition to marketing materials.

Customer focus:

We understand the importance of building relationships with our customers. Our customer focus has won us major clients including Debenhams,  Marks and Spencer, Mothercare, Iceland Foods, and Thorntons. Our preference is to work in close partnership with client companies. This is because, the better we understand your needs, then the better the translation service which we can offer.

Local translation services:

Being a local translation agency allows us to also work with smaller East Midlands businesses. We also work with government agencies, charities as well as private individuals. In our region we translate for Nottinghamshire County Council, and for local exporters including HK Founders, Host Systems and also The House of Crafts. Recent projects for local clients have included marketing brochures into 14 European languages, and also a major website translation into Simplified Chinese.

Explore the site to find out more about our translation services, or contact Better Languages  on +44 (0)115 9788980 today

Why Are We A Better Translation Company?

Better Quality Translation
A key to our quality is our process. Firstly, we only use the best translators. We then apply rigorous QA. Our systems are ISO: 9001 2015 certified. We also use continuous improvement to evaluate and improve our delivery. Crucially, we get to know your business. What makes you unique and different. And vitally, we are also there if something goes wrong.
Human Authorship
You should run a mile if your translation company uses machine translation. Why? Language is complex. A machine can’t match a human author for style and tone. Machine translation is always stodgy, as well as unnatural. It also can’t choose contextually correct words or phrases. Machines can help with format and text layout. We also use them for glossaries and translation memory. But crucially, the process starts and finishes with human translation. The person, or people, are always in charge.
Independent Quality Assessments
We independently check our translations. This includes both terminology and formatting checks, as well as comparing with previous assignments. Consistency is also really important. This is especially the case with retail translation services. You really don’t want three products next to each other on the shelf, all with slightly different renderings of the same sentence.
global retailer translation case study mothercare


When Mothercare went multilingual with their packaging and user guides, they needed a translation company who specialised in retail, and understood their brand.

New Look retail translation case study

New Look Retailers

Better Languages worked with New Look in the mid noughties, helping them enter new European markets by translating a wide range of retail texts.

Craft kit translations case study for The House of Crafts

House of Crafts

We have been translating craft kit instructions for Leicestershire Company The House of Crafts since 2006.

King Charles Hotel

King Charles Hotel

Website translation is one of our core services, many of our clients have website translation needs, often driven by a desire to market themselves internationally.

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