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Paul Smith
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We solve complex problems

  • Translation case study

    New Look Retailers

    Better Languages worked with New Look in the mid noughties, helping them enter new European markets by translating a wide range of retail texts.

  • Translation case study


    Global retailer translation case study - Mothercare

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Our Approach

We are a UK translation company. Our texts are both accurate and engaging, in over 60 languages. Why settle for less, when you can have a better translation?

Founded in Nottingham in 1982, we specialise in business translations.

Global brands trust us

Our clients include:

  • Sole suppliers to Mothercare. who trade in 60 countries, since 2006.
  • We have worked with Debenhams since 2011. They trade in 24 countries.
  • Next: are a leading UK fashion retailer, and also trade in 40 other countries.
  • Paul Smith trade in 66 countries. Their head office is in Nottingham.

Better Quality Translation

A key to our quality is our process. Firstly, we only use the best translators. We then apply rigorous QA. Our systems are ISO: 9001 certified. we also use continuous improvement, to evaluate and improve our delivery. Crucially, we get to know your business. What makes you unique and different. And vitally, we are also there if something goes wrong.

Human authorship

You should run a mile if your translation company uses machine translation. Why? Language is complex. A machine can’t match a human author for style and tone. Machine translation is always stodgy, as well as unnatural. A machine can’t choose contextually correct words or phrases.

Machines can help with format and text layout. We also use them for glossaries and translation memory. But crucially, the process starts with human translation. The person, or people, are always in charge.

Choose a better translator

Our team are well qualified. Most to post graduate level. Either with a first degree in languages or a specialist subject, plus an MA in Translation. All good translators work in a few specific areas. We also add value through rigorous QA and quality control. Key to this is effective communication between our project management team, our translators and other professionals such as artworkers or web developers.

Types of text

Different texts need different approaches.

A marketing text is all about expressing idiomatic sharpness as well as flair in the target language. In contrast, a legal text has to extract the literal meaning of the original. Each need a different approach.

Independent QA

We independently check our translations. We do terminology checks as well as comparing with previous assignments. Consistency is also really important. This is especially the case with retail translation services. You really don’t want three products next to each other on the shelf, with slightly different renderings of the same sentence.

Account Management

Our Project Managers co-ordinate your project, as well as being your main point of contact with us.

We offer a flexible range of translation services

Some of our recent projects:

  • German technical data sheets for a local manufacturer.
  • A marketing text into 24 EU languages for one of our regular clients.
  • A complex multilingual website for a major retailer.
  • Scandinavian food labelling for a food manufacturer.
  • Care labelling into 32 languages for a UK retailer.

Translation company trading in global markets

We can help you adapt to world markets. We know some of your challenges as exporters ourselves.

Our clients include American companies. We also work with Australian retailers, an Italian Fashion brand, as well as many others.

Get a Better translation:

Call for a quote on +44 115 9788980. Or use our contact form. We normally reply within one working day.