Friday Blues?

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We know that in some parts of the world its Friday morning, or nearly Saturday if you’re in Australia. Here though, its almost the weekend. How do you feel about Friday afternoons? Of course in the Muslim world Friday is a day of worship and rest from work. In the UK many companies are winding down towards the weekend. My Dad always referred to Friday as POETS day (that’s “push off early tomorrow’s Saturday”)! If you have Friday blues, remember that tomorrow is the weekend.

Friday in the translation industry

In the translation industry, Friday is often a very busy day. Inevitably, if a document takes a few days to prepare, it may well be sent for translation towards the end of the week. Some translators seem to think that this is a ploy by clients because they think translators love to work weekends!

In our experience most clients are realistic about the weekend being a time of rest. It’s always helpful to be able to plan in advance. If we know with time that you need to send us an urgent translation, it helps.

A typical Friday

Today has been a typical Friday, two translation requests came in right at the end of the day. We had an urgent request to translate some legal correspondence from French to English. No problem, this is our bread and butter type of work. We could have done it in 10 languages if needed.

We also had another agency wanting a highly technical medical translation into Simplified Chinese and Korean for Tuesday. We’re happy to help where we can, but this one wasn’t realistic. Even ignoring lack of availability of Chinese translators because of Chinese New Year. No surprise to be contacted even later in the afternoon to say the client didn’t want to go ahead.

A day of rest

So if tomorrow for you is a day of rest, enjoy it! And remember some translator somewhere will be hard at work. They may have several thousand words to go on an urgent translation needed for first thing on Monday morning.