Busy month for Better Languages

Busy Month For Better Languages Request a Quote March ended brightly and has been a busy month for Better Languages. We have just completed our first multi-lingual user guide for a new client. Work to upgrade our website also continues. We are working on an Arabic version of the site. As we add content, we […]

The post Easter translation buzz…..

The Post Easter Translation Buzz….. Request a Quote There is a translation buzz in the office today. If every day was like today we would be busy indeed. We have lots of work. This includes our first translation into Korean for a little while. We have been busy with label translation into several languages. We […]

Simplified Chinese artwork

Simplified Chinese Artwork Request a Quote Simplified Chinese artwork needs to be set using the correct Chinese fonts. In some respects Chinese is an artwork’s dream. Each character is a word, making it shorter than an English text. With most translations, you will be fighting for space with your print layout when adding a translation […]

latest translation assignments: March 2008

Latest Translation Assignments: March 2008 Request a Quote There is always something interesting happening when you work in the translation industry. Our latest translation assignments show the range of work we do. March can be a strange month. Some of our clients are sitting tight til financial year end, whilst others are spending budgets.  Latest […]

Working with France Germany and Spain

Working With France, Germany And Spain Request a Quote I attended an interesting workshop recently, on working with France, Germany and Spain. Of course we already do a lot of translation between English and these languages, and in fact we have dedicated websites for Germany and Spain as well as for Belgium. Our Spanish site […]