No Longer Lost In Translation

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Better Languages is in the local press again today. There is an article in the Nottingham Evening Post about our search for Polish translators. The article title is “no longer lost in translation”.

We are always looking for qualified translators. This is especially true in major language pairs. Current needs include English to Polish, English to Arabic, as well as English to Simplified Chinese.

Recruiting local interpreters

We are also looking for qualified interpreters in Nottingham and the East Midlands region, in all major languages. Although we mainly do written translation, we also want to increase our supply of local interpreters.

Specialist skills

We receive a lot of CVs. However, many people think that speaking two languages is enough. Translators need a high level of skill and training, as well as familiarity with the specialist area they are translating. All our translators are qualified professional translators. Please don’t waste our time or yours by sending us a CV if you are not a professionally qualified translator. You can read more about our requirements in our careers section.

Interpreting is also a specialised skill, not all interpreters also translate. Not all translators make good interpreters either, as the skills are quite different. Interpreters also require a recognised professional qualification in interpreting.