That Friday Feeling

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I have that Friday feeling – ordering translations. I wrote last week about the propensity of clients to order everything at the end of the week. This week is no exception. People seem to worry about translation all week, and then hit “send” on a Friday afternoon!

That Friday feeling – ordering translations

We’re working several major translation assignments. These include Italian to English, English to Arabic, as well as two 9 language multi lingual projects. We’re also busy with quotes for several other jobs. I am also actively recruiting new translators in several major language combinations. – So its a quiet Friday, not!

Technical translations

Most translation assignments have a degree of complexity. If companies do regular correspondence in another language, then they tend to buy in the skill by recruiting a bilingual secretary. Most translation companies work with complex technical documents. We are no exception. Our top specialisms are fashion retail and food. Both are highly regulated and need the skills of specialist translators.

Translation orders

If you would like us to quote on a translation, we just need some basic details. These include your contact details (name, organisation, email address, and a contact number), we also need the source text you need translating. Ideally this should be in an editable format such as Word, Excel or XML. We can normally quote within one working day, although complex projects may take longer.

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