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January has seen a steady increase in both translation enquiries and new business. We have translated into new language combinations, including English to Catalan for the first time. Enquiries have come mainly from Nottingham based companies. Many businesses like to source translation locally. However, we have also had enquiries from Spain, Belgium and Germany.

Evening Post article

We had an article in the Nottingham Evening Post on 24 01 08. The article appealed for English to Polish Translators. It generated a lot of interest in the Polish community, and as a result, we received lots of CVs.

We continue to look for translators working into UK English. Almost every language pair has more translators into the language than into English.

Please remember that we only use translators who are professionally qualified, and working into their native tongue. We don’t only pair for language combinations, but also areas of technical specialism. Its quite different to translate a criminal law text than to translate marketing materials for example.

Website development

We are still working to develop our website, and are currently translating the content into Turkish and Greek, with Arabic and Simplified Chinese versions also planned in the near future. We continue to add more content to the English site. More pages are in development, and we regularly update the news section.

Translation enquiries

We welcome translation enquiries from businesses of all sizes. We work both with large multinationals, and local SMEs. You can use our contact page to either send us an email, or use our contact form. Please give some basic details including your full contact details, the languages you are interested in, and the type of document. Please note that we do not give prices over the phone. This is because translation assignments vary significantly depending on the nature of the document. There can also be layout and format considerations.