Another Milestone For Better Languages

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The company has just reached another milestone. We have just provided our 100th translation to New Look Retailers. Following New Look’s expansion into France and Belgium, we have been supplying them with French and Flemish translations for packaging and labels. We have also worked on shop signage, and product instructions. We have been a supplier for the last 2.5 years.

Chocolate fountain translation

“We’ve translated some interesting items” says Mike Hunter CEO. “This included instructions for a chocolate fountain maker. Our lead translator for Flemish, a self confessed chocoholic, really enjoyed translating that one!”

Translating clothing and accessories packaging

Other translations have included clothing and accessory translations for many of the products you would see in a New Look store in the UK. We have also worked on some products specific to the French and Belgian markets. Another interesting one was a set of instructions for a multi-game board game set. This included games like chess and droughts. Shop signage can also be a challenge, because you can’t just translate English phrases. You need localised wording appropriate to the market.

Other milestones

This year has seen us translating into the most language ever. We had 25 on a single order, and have retail clients who regularly need 9 or 10 languages. You may think that translation is standard European languages. We do translate lots of French, Spanish and German. However, we are seeing high demand for Middle Eastern languages, especially Arabic. There is also increasing demand for Far East Languages including Indonesian, Simplified Chinese and Korean.

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Read more about our wide range of translation services. The about us section of the site also gives the history of Better Languages. You may also like our New Look case study.