Busy Month For Better Languages

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March ended brightly and has been a busy month for Better Languages. We have just completed our first multi-lingual user guide for a new client. Work to upgrade our website also continues. We are working on an Arabic version of the site. As we add content, we are also considering improvements to the other language versions.

Busy month for Better Languages

We have several areas of business development to work on. We are working towards ISO: 9001 accreditation. It is a big process which we expect will take a while. The company already has good document control, as well as internal QA processes. However we also need to develop lots of HR policies.

We are also auditing our IT needs to ensure that our network is fit for purpose. It is a constant process of ensuring both hardware and software is up to date.

On the project management side, we have also been very busy. March can be a strange month, sometimes busy, sometimes quiet. UK companies are either trying to spend budget before the end of the financial year, or delaying spend til April. Easter also has an effect, depending on when it falls.

Current projects

We are currently working on a product brochure into 4 European languages. The team also have a project for a Nottingham company to supply an engineering translation into Simplified Chinese. April promises to be a busy month, with lots of retail sector translation. We don’t often get much advanced warning of projects, but we already know we are going to be busy.

Planning for growth

We continue to look at how we can further improve the business. A key aim is to win more regular customers. We achieve this through carefully targeted marketing. We are also improving the SEO of our website and thereby generating more enquiries. Personal recommendation is also important. We find that customers are often our best ambassadors, as we get a lot of new business through recommendation.