Certified Translation Service

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Do you need a certified translation service? This article explains the kind of certified translation we supply, how to order, and some of the different requirements. If you have a question we haven’t covered, don’t hesitate to ask.

What is a certified translation service?

This is an additional procedure to our standard translation. Typically, you send us a good quality copy of your documents by email. We also need your contact details for the quote. If you agree with the price, we then translate the document. Our translators are always professionally qualified, and native of the target language.

Replicating the source text

All translations aim to replicate the original language in some respect within the target language text. When we do a certified translation, we follow the source formatting as closely as possible. Complex documents may not always be easy to replicate, but the reader should be able to read the original document, and be able to logically follow which text appears where within the translation. Occasionally we may have to charge more for complex formatting if a document gives a lot of work to the translator.

Checking, QA and certification

Translators should always check their own work, but we also apply additional checks. Either a proof reader or a project manager will check the document before delivery. Once we have finished this phase, we then prepare a final version of the translation. We print the document on our headed paper. We then stamp and sign it to confirm that it has been professionally translated.

Checking with the customer

We may occasionally have to check some details with you. For example if we translate into English, some names have several possible spellings. We need to ensure we match how your name appears on UK documents. Please note, that we will not alter a name.

Officially accepted

Most UK official bodies will accept our certified translations. Do check any specific requirements in advance though, as different organisations may want something different. For overseas jurisdictions, requirements also vary. Some countries, for example Spain and Romania, have official translators for certain types of public document. You may also be asked to have your document notarised.

Notary service

We work with a local notary, and can provide notarised translations in a number of languages. Often, this service isn’t needed. Do check in advance, as it adds a considerable extra cost. You have to pay for the notary’s time, and for that of the translator who will probably have to attend in person. Additionally, the notary will need an original copy of your documents.

Contact us

If you need a certified translation, give us a call on +44 115 9788980, or use the form on our contact page.