High Growth East Midlands

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We are very pleased to have been accepted onto the High Growth East Midlands programme. Pera run the programme, it has European funding, with the support of the East Midlands Development Agency.

High Growth East Midlands

The aim of the programme is to support companies preparing for, or experiencing high growth. As we continue to grow and develop, we want to deliver excellence. We also want to maintain and improve our reputation for customer service.

Programme format

The format of the programme includes workshops as well as one to one business coaching and mentoring. Both parts of the the programme will help us to assess and evaluate the business. The team will then be in a position to plan for the future.

Mike Hunter comments

“We see this programme as an exciting opportunity. We are planning for further growth, and need to be fit for the future”, said Mike Hunter, CEO. “In a globalising world, we expect demand for translation services to continue to grow. Even taking into account the current difficult economic conditions, the translation outlook is positive.”

Growth challenges

Growth brings many challenges. We need to look at staffing, and the possibility of an additional full time project manager. IT and back office functionality is also important. Many of our systems would still apply to a larger business. In this way we are building for the future.

Marketing is a major challenge. We have a great reputation with our current clients, but need more customers. We are planning to add content to the website, as well as developing an SEO strategy.