Latest Translation Assignments: March 2008

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There is always something interesting happening when you work in the translation industry. Our latest translation assignments show the range of work we do. March can be a strange month. Some of our clients are sitting tight til financial year end, whilst others are spending budgets. 

Latest translation assignments

We are currently working on some course leaflets for a local college. The team is translating into Latvian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Polish, as well as Thai. Most of our work is for export, so its unusual to be helping a local organisation market their UK services to an international audience.

We are working on a small translation into Korean. The job is for a local manufacturer, who needs bilingual English and Korean instructions, in order to sell in Korea.

Care labelling

We’re getting busy on clothing label translations having been noticeably quieter last month following Chinese New Year. Many of our retail customers source in the Far East, meaning that Chinese New Year impacts their production. It is a major holiday in China. 

Translating for Belgium

We are doing a lot of work into Flemish and French for the Belgian market. Several of our regular clients are targeting Belgium. It is a high value market, and of course relatively close geographically to the UK.

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