We have now introduced a legal translation service page to the English version of our site. Once we’re happy with the content we will then be adding other language versions of the page. Legal translations are a bit different to other areas of translation work, and all our legal translators are specialists. We translate all kinds of legal documents, including contracts, official company documents like articles and memorandum of association. We also translate and certify certificates and diplomas for individuals. The aim of legal translation is to produce a faithful rendering of the original document in the target language, this may mean that the flow and feel of the text will not be as sharp as for instance in a marketing text, where the translator can use much more freedom to convey ideas and concepts. It is important to consider the purpose of the translation, some countries require documents to be certified in front of a notary, and have systems where only certain recognised translators can be used. It is important for the client to talk to us about their exact requirements for legal translation.