Bright Marketing Course leads to marketing success
by Mike Hunter 22 01 08

I attended both the Directors Centre Bright Marketing, and More Profit seminars in 2005. The courses have led to marketing success. We have fundamentally changed our approach to business as a result.

I first attended one of Robert’s seminars in September 2005. Having just relaunched our translation agency Better Languages in the UK. Previously we had a tricky period of 4 years unsuccessful trading in Spain. The seminar made me rethink some fundamental aspects of the business. This included both pricing and marketing strategy.

From losses to year on year profitability

We turned a trading loss of approximately €20,000 in 2004-5 into a profit of £34,000 in 2005-6. The business doubled both profit and turnover in 2006-7. We expect it to double again over the next 12 months. We have won major clients including Mothercare, New Look Retailers, as well as Weetabix.

Marketing success

Whilst it would be over egging the pudding to put all this down to the seminar, Robert Craven’s refreshing approach to marketing has made us rethink the way we work. We were the kind of small business which Robert often talks about. We were great at operations, but lousy at marketing and financials. Now we are much more balanced. We have also discovered the little secret that marketing and business growth can be fun.