New Website Launched

Better Languages logo

Hope you like the new look website. It has taken some time to get our new website launched. We have focused on the English version first, and the translated versions will follow soon. Our aim is to provide clear and concise information about translation. Do read through the site, and contact us if you need any further information.

Responsive design

The site should look good in any browser, and at any major screen size. It uses a technology called responsive design. The idea is that the site adjusts to suit your viewing size and resolution. If you compare how it looks on a tablet with a desktop, you will see the differences. For example images will resize, and in some cases reposition to fit the screen.

Building content

As with most websites, we are adding more content all the time. The major separation within the site is between pages and posts. A page is content which forms the basis of the site, and the news section is our blog. In news we talk about current events, industry trends and topical issues about translation.

International websites

The website is currently available in several languages, and we will add more over time. The largest site is the English version. This is because the majority of our customers communicate in English. Much of our work is multilingual with English as the source language.

Case studies

Our case studies section highlights the type of work we do for some of our regular customers. Not all areas of work have case studies, for example we don’t say much about legal translation because of the confidentiality aspect. We work with large retailers and manufacturers as well as local SMEs.


We hope you like the new site. Do leave feedback, or contact us if you think we can add improvements. We aim is to give readers the best possible site experience. We also plan to add more articles and additional content, so watch this space.