Selecting Translators

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Selecting translators can often be a bit of a headache, especially for jobs on tight deadlines. This morning was typical. We have an urgent short text for translation from French to English. It requires technical expertise in the area of legal translation.

Translator adverts

Having ascertained that none of our regular translators was available, we placed two adverts giving details of our specific requirements. We got a very good response, and have selected a good translator with relevant training and experience.

What is surprising however, is the lack of thought on the part of some applicants. For example we received a CV in German. Our website is very specific in saying that we only accept CVs in English. This applies to all language combinations which include English.

We also received responses from people who are not available to meet the deadline. This seems like a waste of their time as well as ours. Moral – read the ad and make sure you match the requirements before applying please translators.

Selecting translators

So how do we select our translators? Well the first thing to say is that we don’t use recruitment companies. Why would we? Most translators work freelance, and it doesn’t stack up to use an expensive recruitment process. After all, we may need a translator just once, for a very specific piece of work.

Our prime concern is their professional training and competence. A recognised qualification such as a degree or post graduate qualification in translation is a good start. We will then look at the relevance of the translator’s experience. You can read more on our careers page.