Successful In Any Language: Better languages In The News.

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Better Languages in the news – its nice to get some good local publicity. We appear in the Nottingham Evening Post today – 25 11 08. The article is about how we are developing our website, in order to sell more overseas.

International websites

There are currently versions of the site available in Spanish, French, Flemish, German and Welsh in addition to English. Our intention is to expand the site content, and to provide more languages including Simplified Chinese, and Arabic.

Why lots of languages? Well, we translate into English from all these languages, and can field sales enquiries in any of them. At least providing the enquiries are by email.

In-country hosting

We thought carefully about whether to add multilingual content to our UK site, or to add separate international versions. In the end, we opted for the latter. Our thinking was that this would give best local visibility in the target countries.

There are currently four separate sites. Each site is in-country within the target market. Our Belgian site ends in .be and is in French and Flemish. Our German domain is in German and hosted in Germany. is the Spanish site. Simplified Chinese and Arabic versions are under development. We also plan to continue to add languages as well as more localised content.

Maintaining each site

Adding international sites of course adds cost. We have in effect 5 different websites. Our developers have to maintain each one separately. They have to implement updates and maintenance tests. This is so we can give the best possible user experience.

Better Languages in the news

We actively seek publicity in the local press, and have appeared in the Post several times recently. Our aim is to raise local awareness about the business. We always try to find an interesting focus. We also have social media profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn.