Talking Italian

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Today we are talking Italian. We have an interesting assignment on at the moment, its a photography manual needing translation from Italian to English. As ever, its proving much more difficult to find good translators. We always use English native professional translators to translate into English.

Translating into English

The norm in the translation industry is that you translate into your native language. Many people claim to translate both ways, but few people are genuinely bilingual – i.e. have native level proficiency in two languages. You have a sharpness of expression in your native language, which you simply can’t match in a second language.

Translation is not just about understanding meaning in another language. You need to have the sharpness and accuracy of expression within the target language to make it read as near as possible to original creative writing within that language. The purpose of translation is to produce the equivalent effect in the target audience, as would be achieved in the original language.

In all major language pairs, there are more translators into the language than into English. When we translate the other way round, translating English to Italian, there are plenty of good professional translators. So where are all those well qualified and experienced English native translators?

Apply to Better Languages

If you are an English native, and a qualified linguist in a major language pair, please read our translators for details of our requirements, and then send us a CV. Better Languages needs you!