The Post Easter Translation Buzz.....

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There is a translation buzz in the office today. If every day was like today we would be busy indeed. We have lots of work. This includes our first translation into Korean for a little while. We have been busy with label translation into several languages. We have also quoted for website translation, as well as packaging translation into 9 languages.

Easter can be a strange time of year for our business. As the ecclesiastical calendar changes year on year, it falls at different times. Some years we are very busy, like this year, but other years are quieter.

Diverse translation clients

The whole country seems to want to export at the moment. We are getting orders and enquiries from all over the place. Our international customers in territories including the US, China and several European countries.

Popular languages

We are often asked which language we translate most. As a lot of our work is multilingual, we do high volumes of a number of languages. As you might expect, we translate into lots of European languages. However, as customers sell across the globe, we also translate for elsewhere. We supply a lot of Simplified Chinese as well as Japanese and Arabic. A recent trend is the emergence of higher demand for other Far Eastern languages including Malay, Indonesian, and Vietnamese.