The Translator As Strategic Partner

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Better Languages took part in a translation conference in London over the weekend. The conference title was the translator as strategic partner.

Its always good to meet up with colleagues as well as hearing about translation industry developments. Proz organised the conference. They were in partnership with both the ITI and CIOL. These are the two UK translators bodies. Their full names are the Institute of Translation and Interpreting and the Chartered Institute of Linguists.

Translation Industry developments

It was interesting to learn about latest developments within the industry. We found the session on technology especially interesting. It included developments in the field of open source software. There was also discussion of translation specific IT. This included both computer assisted translation, and also content management systems.

The translator as strategic partner

The basic premise of the translator as strategic partner may sound strange to some translation clients. However, our aim as an agency is to work in partnership with our clients. We need to understand your needs. Translation is often late in the supply chain. If you leave it for the end, projects can often be delayed, and risk overrun and overspend. By working with us at a strategic level, we can plan and scope projects with time, coordinate resources, and better understand your requirements.

We also seek to continually improve our translation services. It was refreshing to hear that colleagues as well as competitors within the translation industry share our views.