Welsh Translation Of The Better Languages Website

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We launched the new Welsh language version of the betterlanguages.com website today. We have updated and refreshed the content from the old version. In addition to adding pages, more languages will also follow soon. We provide Welsh translation both for the retail sector, and for official documents.

More languages coming

We will be introducing French and Flemish content within the next few days followed by Spanish and German. New features on the site include the ability for us to add content and page updates. We have chosen to provide content in Welsh, because of its status as an official language of the United Kingdom.

Welsh translation

We translate from Welsh to English and English to Welsh, as well as translating into many other major world languages. Welsh has some specific challenges, it is often much longer than an equivalent English text. The language structure is very different to English.

Our translators

Our translators are normally native of the target language. With Welsh, many translators have equal proficiency in both Welsh and English, and so translate both ways. This is much less common in other languages. Many of our translators are members of the Welsh Translators Association.

Government documents

Many official documents are produced in Welsh, and there is a lot of work undertaken to ensure accessibility to public information for Welsh speakers. The education system in Wales includes significant elements taught in Welsh, there is therefore significant demand for educational and e-learning materials in the Welsh language.