Working With France, Germany And Spain

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I attended an interesting workshop recently, on working with France, Germany and Spain. Of course we already do a lot of translation between English and these languages, and in fact we have dedicated websites for Germany and Spain as well as for Belgium. Our Spanish site is, it is all in Spanish, and has in-country hosting in Spain. We have taken a similar approach with the German site, our French site is hosted in Belgium at, the site is also available in Flemish.

Improving the customer experience

Clearly we want to do more business with all of these countries. Our team is therefore actively exploring ways of improving the site experience on each of these sites. We plan to update the content, as well as providing more accessible customer service. We have the in-house ability to deal with Spanish translation customers. Our staff can communicate directly in Spanish, by phone as well as by e-mail.

The importance of EU languages

Brits have a bit the tendency to think that Europe stops at the English channel. We forget that we are part of the continent, both geographically as well as politically. As a translation agency, other EU languages form an important part of our business. Many of our translators are in-country within other EU states. This helps them to be up to date with terminology in their native languages.

Translations for the UK market

“Working with other EU member states is very important for many UK companies” said Mike Hunter, Better Languages CEO. “Much of our work is with UK exporters. However, we also provide English translation for people looking to import into the UK. We also translate into minority languages within Great Britain. It is also important to remember that Welsh is an official UK language. It is important for organisations doing business with Wales. They need Welsh translations for marketing materials, websites etc.”