typesetting translations in right to left languages

Typesetting Translations In Right To Left Languages Request a Quote We are often asked about multilingual typesetting and dtp.¬†Many translations are either for print, such as brochures and other marketing materials. We also typeset packaging, inserts and product user guides. Much typesetting and DTP is relatively straightforward these days. However, there are particular issues when […]

translation and search engine optimisation

Translation And Search Engine Optimisation Request a Quote Translation and search engine optimisation are both important. At least they are if you want foreign language versions of your website to rank in search. Translating websites is an important part of our work, however it is surprising that many companies want their site translated without giving […]

multi-lingual user guide translation

Multi-Lingual User Guide Translation Request a Quote Multi-lingual user guide translation is becoming ever more important, especially in a globalised world. Even within the context of the current economic recession, many companies are looking to export markets. They aim to maintain or grow market share as well as increasing profits through international sales. Making their […]