e-commerce translation service

E-Commerce Translation Service Request a Quote e-commerce translation services are an important part of our business. Many retailers are selling online either via their own websites, or via e-commerce platforms such as eBay and Amazon. Many of the issues are the same regardless of platform. Content needs to be engaging, and well written, with a […]

website translation service

Website Translation Service Request a Quote We offer a comprehensive website translation service. Are you looking to communicate in overseas markets? Whether you need a traditional brochure site to market your brand, an e-commerce translation, or an app in 13 languages, we can help. We translate into all major languages, and are happy to work […]

Using English in the target language when translating

Using English In The Target Language When Translating Request a Quote A big issue with many languages when translating from English, is when is it OK to use English words within the target language? The answer of course is that it depends. Using English in the target language can be trendy and appropriate in some […]

large translation projects

Large Translation Projects Request a Quote In some respects large translation projects are the same as smaller jobs. Yes there is added complexity when we translate into lots of languages. However, the translators all work at the same time, so 40 languages don’t take appreciably longer to translate than 3. The project management aspect is […]

Translating for Fromelles

Translating For Fromelles Request a Quote We are currently working on a very interesting project, translating for Fromelles. This includes website content, press releases, blog entries as well as academic documents. These relate to the exhumation of a mass First World War grave. This is at Fromelles in Northern France. The project is for the […]