Busy, Busy, Busy Translating

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Most weeks start quiet and get busier in the translation industry. In a way this is quite logical, as for many businesses translation is quite late in the supply chain. However, this week is starting very busy for us, and likely to get more so as the week continues. We are busy, busy, busy translating.

Queuing at the bus stop

Translations are often a bit like buses, nothing for a while and then they all arrive at once! This week is like that, we are busy, busy, busy translating for a number of our regular customers. We also have several large projects for new clients.

Peaks in demand

We are used to this type of peak in demand. Our project managers work hard to ensure that we maintain quality and continue to deliver to deadline. Working with retail translation, it is quite common that when one retail customer is busy, so are many others. We used to see clear seasons, especially with fashion and clothing.

These days there is less of a seasonal change. Far East manufacturing has changed all that. Although we sometimes have a marked peak in demand before and after Chinese New Year. China has up to a two week shutdown, in the biggest festivities of the year.

UK demand is pretty constant through the year, with the exception of December. Customers often have projects to push through before the Christmas holidays. We therefore are normally really busy in the first three weeks of December.

Repeat business

We really value our regular customers, and win a high level of repeat business, because of our ability to deliver. The team also does our best to help clients in trouble. Sometimes deadlines are extra tight due to an external problem. Or maybe you have a technical problem you need us to help with.

Next steps

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