E-Commerce Translation Service

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e-commerce translation services are an important part of our business. Many retailers are selling online either via their own websites, or via e-commerce platforms such as eBay and Amazon. Many of the issues are the same regardless of platform. Content needs to be engaging, and well written, with a compelling offer.

The UK E-commerce offer

E-commerce is well established in the UK. Customers will often buy online, and many major retailers have sophisticated online offers. Other European countries are at different stages of development. Germany has a particularly strong e-commerce sector. There may be some first mover advantage in other European markets, but do research carefully. Your online competitors may be different to your traditional high street competition.

Consumer behaviour

Attitudes to buying online may well be different in the country you are targeting compared with doing business in the UK. For example Spain has a traditional reticence about using credit cards online, although this is changing.

Translating e-commerce content

It’s worth talking to us at an early stage, and also ensuring that you construct your site in a way which is helpful to translation. Most languages are longer than an equivalent English text. Languages such as Spanish, and French are typically around 25-30% longer. You need to account for this within your page layout. If you have restricted space for text, it will be a major headache when translating. Some languages like Russian, seem to go on for ever! Russian can be almost double the length of an equivalent English text.

The Better Languages approach

We translate e-commerce websites large and small into all major languages. Translation is always by professional translators of relevant specialism, translating into their native languages. Many aspects of e-commerce translation are similar to translating any website content, although it is important to keep in mind the intended outcome, you need to be able to service the intended target market, and to rank well in search engines.

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