Mike attended the Nottingham launch of a new training course entitled God at Work at County Hall on Monday. There was a talk by the Bishop of Southwell. The main speaker was Ken Costa.

Ken gave a lively and thought provoking presentation. This included a perspective on the current global recession, which he described as a financial tsunami. He also related a great Barak Obama anecdote. Not going to tell you, you will need to hear him speak, or do the course!

Christian wisdom at work

It was very refreshing to hear a successful Christian businessman speak with clear wisdom and insight on current business issues. He has written a book also called God at Work, and the God at Work website has podcasts of Ken speaking at a number of events.

Finding a biblical perspective – God at Work

There is great wisdom here for people who profess to be Christians. It is also helpful for people who want to find out more about a biblical perspective on issues like stress at work, work life balance, the current recession etc.

A biblical perspective on Better Languages

Our owners Mike and Bea Hunter, are both committed Christians. They try to apply Christian ethics and values to the business. What does this mean for customers? Well, we seek excellence in everything that we do. We also seek to be ethical in how we work with both customers and suppliers.