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Hungarian Translation Services are part of our growing range of languages. This year we have translated more volume of work into Hungarian than any other single language. Intuitively this doesn’t seem right.¬†Clients often think that a standard European language like French, Spanish or German will be top. Or perhaps a Far Eastern language such as Chinese or Japanese. We do work a lot with these languages, but this year did a massive Hungarian project.

More Hungarian translation than anything else

We translate quite large volumes of work into all these languages, but this year Hungarian tops the list! Last year we translated more Flemish than anything else. You may think it strange that a comparatively minor language would be top. Well, Belgium is an important export market for the UK. Belgium also uses French, as both are official languages. However, there were many instances where we had already provided French, so Flemish is required by itself.

Why Hungarian?

So why Hungarian this year? Well, we notice a definite trend of more demand for Central and Eastern European languages than in the past. There is a definite emphasis on newer EU accession states. We are taking part in a Trade Mission to Romania in October. This is because we think Romania and neighbouring countries will need more translation in the next few years.

Language complexity

Hungarian has complex grammar structures. It can be very fussy about correct tenses, and verb endings. Even more than other European languages. It must be correctly translated. We always use native Hungarian translators. It is important to realise that language grows and evolves over time. Hungary has changed massively in the last 20 years, and this is reflected in the language and culture. Translators  who have been out of the country a long time can be out of touch with current terminology and linguistic trends.

Expert Hungarian Translation

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