Putting The Customer First

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Putting the customer first is key to our business. When you contact us, you will talk to staff working directly in the business, not a call centre. They have the knowledge and skill to help with your enquiry.

Communicating with us

We are of course a language business. However, please remember that our office staff do not directly deal with every language we translate. So if you enquire by phone, expect to talk to us in English. If you need help in another language, please communicate by e-mail initially, and we will be pleased to help. If sending us documents in another language, don’t expect us to instantly recognise that language. Some languages can look very similar. For example, Dutch and Flemish are close cousins and look alike, although a native speaker will recognise the difference.

Putting the customer first – understanding your needs

The more we understand your needs, the better we can help. This is particularly true with new clients, who may be new to translation, and unsure of their exact requirements. We will take the time to listen. Knowing the purpose of a translation is also important. For example with a patent application, are you making the application, and needing a clear and accurate translation? Or perhaps you are opposing an application and want to pick holes in it where it lacks clarity. In the latter case the last thing you want is a translator improving a poorly written text. You don’t want us to make it sound like a convincing application!

We work with many companies involved in export. Sometimes they know the countries they want to reach, but are unsure of the required languages. We can advise here, for example do you need Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese, or both?

Next steps

All of these issues are an important part of our customer focus. If you need a translation, contact us by phone on +44 115 9788980. You can send us an email via our contact page. We look forward to working with you.