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Spanish translation services paired with English is one of our most translated language combinations. We translate both Spanish to English and English to Spanish. There are some  important points to remember when ordering. Read on to understand more.

1) Spanish language differences

There are subtle differences to the language country to country, so we need to know the intended target market. Much of our Spanish translation is for Spain, but we also translate regularly for the US, Mexico, and South America.

2) Technical Specialism

We match translators to projects based on required technical specialism. It is therefore important for us to have as much detail about the project as possible. A good translator is in effect a technical author in the target language. They need to understand any specialist terminology required in both languages, so they understand the intended meaning of the source text, and can then express it accurately within the translation.

3) Matching your formatting

Wherever possible we match your source text formatting as we translate. There are some important considerations though. Spanish is typically 25-30% longer than an equivalent English text. This means that if we are translating for print, you need either sufficient white space on page to accommodate 30% more text, or will have to compromise, either on font size or number of pages.

4) Different language conventions

A very obvious difference between Spanish and English, is the use of special characters and accents. The Spanish alphabet has two additional letters. The “ll” and is pronounced “y”. There is also ñ. No this isn’t an n with a squiggle, its also considered a separate letter. Omitting the accent changes the letter “n” is not the same. For example “años” means years, or age, so 11 años, means 11 years old, whilst “11 anos” means 11 anuses, slightly different! Don’t print that on 12,000 care labels.

These days accents don’t cause big problems, as we always use Unicode compliant fonts. They can sometimes disappear from view at very small font sizes.

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