The Recession Is Over

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Big headlines in the UK national press today. The papers suggest that the recession is over. There certainly seems to be a growing strength of optimism. This is true of many local companies that we talk to. However we have been fortunate enough to be busy throughout the recession. Whilst some commentators have referred to the recession as a financial Tsunami, we’ve seen clients continuing to do well. This is despite a tough economic environment. We have also found a noticeable increase in translation requests for new export markets. This seems to demonstrate returning optimism. We remember the start of the recession, with Lehman Brothers collapse in the States, and then the run on Northern Rock in the UK. It certainly seemed scary. As we with any economic downturn though, some sectors came off worse than others. Translation is one of the few industries which grew globally throughout the recession. We have mirrored this trend.

The recession is over, or is it?

Not all sectors have been in recession in the first place. We were delighted to achieve record first quarter trading results for 2009-10. Sales were up 57.9% on the first quarter of 2008-9, itself a record year. This success has come from both growth in our customer base, as well as increasing business from existing clients. We are generating more enquiries via our website than ever before.

Plans for Better Languages

So are we complacent? Not at all. We are continuing to invest in better services. This includes strengthening our IT and other logistical support. We are also recruiting translators in a widening range of languages and specialisms. There are also exciting development with our website. We are nearly ready to launch our new German site. Further versions are in development, and we are also adding content to our existing websites. We are also about to advertise for an additional translation manager.

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2009-10 promises to be an exciting year for Better Languages. Contact us to discuss any aspect of translation on +44 115  9788980.