Translating Food Labelling

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We are very busy translating food labelling. We have some big ongoing food labelling translation projects at the moment for several clients. Food labelling of course requires accurate description for legal reasons, but as with other areas of packaging translation, one of the major issues is available space.

Translating food labelling – space on pack

We are talking to a new client at the moment. They are discussing the possibility of translating food labelling on their box artwork. The source language is English and they want to add 6 additional languages. There is always a trade off here between compliance, readability, and attractive packaging. Your product may be legally compliant. However, if it has 7 languages on pack, will customers be drawn to the packaging?

The trade off: number of languages v readability

From a translation agency perspective, in one sense the more copy, the more work for us. Though on the other hand, a bad consumer experience won’t help your brand. If you enjoy commercial success internationally, you are more likely to need our services again.

Our take is always to have the fewest number of languages practical on packaging. This allows you to then provide the most visually appealing marketing message. Of course you may be the size of Coca Cola, and have the volumes and distribution channels to match. In this case, you may be able to justify individual country¬† specific packaging. However, even most large multi-nationals don’t always have this luxury.

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We have several interesting projects on the go at the moment. One of these is into 23 languages, including Kazakh. This is not a language we do in large volume. Our food label translation page includes information that you should find useful if thinking of commissioning food label translation projects. Contact us, to discuss any aspect of translating food labelling.