Translation And Search Engine Optimisation

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Translation and search engine optimisation are both important. At least they are if you want foreign language versions of your website to rank in search.

Translating websites is an important part of our work, however it is surprising that many companies want their site translated without giving much thought to search engine optimisation. An example of this is that they may focus on their on page content only. If they don’t pay attention to title tags and alt text it can have serious consequences.

Avoid SEO penalties

Guess what – if the spiders see matching title tags and alt text, it could get you a penalty. If they see duplicate tags, it is a strong indicator that the content is a duplicate. The best case scenario is that you may get pages ignored for indexing purposes. The worst case is that your nice new translation may harm the performance of your existing site content.

Multi-lingual optimisation

So what’s the solution, approach an SEO company for multi-lingual optimisation? Well you may choose to do this. I’m certain there are companies out there who do a great job. But the danger is that you could spend a lot of money for little result.

Many of the optimisation needs of a multi-lingual site, need you to start by getting the initial source content right. Do this before starting to work on additional languages.

Start form the right foundations

Your web developer may not profess to be an SEO expert. However, it is really important to start with a well constructed site. When it then comes to translation, it is important to get a professional job. Only when you have good site construction and great translation, should you think further about optimisation.

Find out more

This is about having good well written content which is keyword rich in the target languages. This post doesn’t pretend to cover the whole of this complex topic. If you are thinking of internationalising your site, talking to us at an early stage can help. Contact Better Languages.